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Guided Nature Meditation

Be grateful of your food and where it comes from

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Zenpra July, 23, 2020 0 Comments

This is a guided meditation that I created while walking on a farm. The surroundings of crops and the sun inspired me to see the relation with our food and the energy it provides us.

We were walking on a land preserve that also uses some of the land for farming. There were 6 feet tall corn rows and short stocky soy bean plants.

We found a bench to sit on. My wife thought it would be a perfect spot for a mediation. It was early in the morning and you could see the dew filled air. I sat down and took in all of my surroundings and started a guided meditation based on what I saw.

 Guided Meditation

Feel the sun beating down on us with its energy. The sun gives its energy freely and it feels never ending. Take 5 breaths and feel this energy pulsate miles away and onto your skin, energizing your body. Now look around you and see the corn and soybeans growing underneath your feet from the fertile soil. That same sun that is beating down on you is also sustaining life of these plants. Now be mindful of how you eat these corn and soybeans to give you sustenance which turns into your hair your skin and energy for you to run and to laugh. See the relation to the energy from the sun and how its transformed within the plants and how that same energy is transformed within you

We both felt refreshed but also connected with the land and the sun. It is not often that people get to see where their food is grown and how it sits in the soil and is bathed with the sun's energy.