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Meditation Spots to Enhance Your Practice

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Zenpra 13th March 2016 0 Comments

Why you want a meditation space of your ownWhere do you like to meditate? The beauty of mediation is that it can be practiced anywhere. Frequent meditators create a meditation space where they have a dedicated space for their practice. Your mediation spot doesn’t have to be fancy, it can be your couch, a corner in your room, or even on a park bench. Inviting and relaxing spaces help to stimulate our meditation experience, they can help us experiences depths that we haven’t realized before.

Having a designated meditation spot helps you build a habit and get into meditation faster. When you have a set time and place to meditate it makes it easier to stick to your practice. It’s a space that you can look forward to visiting that will help you relax and melt away all your stress.

It builds a space that is separate for your other daily tasks. It helps to separate and not think about the daily stressors of life that can be associated with certain objects in your life. It would be hard to meditate at my desk because all I would be thinking about is work. Just like how you shouldn’t do work in your bed because the bed is for relaxation and sleep. You don’t want to be thinking about chores or homework while you are meditating, so pick a spot that does not bring up stressful emotions. You can think of it as the Pavlov effect where your body has a physiological response based on a trigger such as a ringing bell or distinct smell. Your surroundings and familiar scents trigger your mind and body to relax. It’s this association that you can trick your body so you can fall into mediation faster.

 What features make a good meditation spot?

This is a trick question because you don’t need a special place or cushion to meditate. Even though there is no perfect place to meditate there are features that make meditation more conducive. You want a quite space where you won’t be bothered by distractions. Try and limit your screen time and reduce the urge to look at your phone while you meditate. Cushions and a warm blanket are a great addition to your meditation space more comfortable. I find darkness very relaxing similar to a cozy cocoon. Some people even like meditation chairs that help to improve your posture and help you stay comfortable during long sessions.

Look at this recent innovation from headspace the meditation pod. It blends natural undertones with a modern flare. I really like the natural wood look and it is very flowing almost like water. It looks pretty neat and would be quite the experience meditating in one of those. It reminds me of a sense deprivation tank where your senses are blocked off and you have very little distraction from the outside world. I have never tired one but they people have said it is the most surreal experience and you can even hear your own heartbeat. My meditation nook may not be as cool but it is inviting and relaxing for me. These creative spaces can help bring us new experiences and entice us to meditate but we should not be dependent on them.

My meditation spot

My girlfriend bought me cushions and a blanket  for my new apartment to help me create my meditation nook. It is a simple setup where I have a cushion that I sit on and a cushion behind my back and I wrap myself in the blanket. It’s pretty small and simple but hey aren’t tiny houses in style. Meditating on my bed would just result me falling asleep so I wanted a space that I could dedicate just to meditation. There is also a special meaning that I get behind the spot because it was created by my girlfriend. I can feel her love and it brings me great peace to feel that I am in such a caring space. You want a meditation space to be inviting and warm space where you can relax and meditate. Meditation should be similar to your bed and getting a good’s night sleep, you want it to promote relaxation. You should look forward to meditating in your space because it is a sign of rest and rejuvenation for your body.

Nature, the original meditation spot

The earliest meditators practiced and meditated outside. You hear stories of the Buddha meditating under the bohdi tree or shiva meditating on top of the himalyas. Nature is a wonderful place to meditate and can help connect you to the earth. I find that water is really relaxing and soothing it is a great place to meditate by. When I used to work by the beach one of my favorite spots to meditate was on a bench overlooking the ocean. I loved to stare out into the ocean and try to even comprehend its vastness. If you get a chance I would advise to meditate outside. Not only will it connect you closer to nature but the fresh air and natural sunlight will do wonders for you.  My first deep meditation session was laying on the grass in my front yard and staring deeply at the blue sky. I could have spent hours just laying on the grass but I was too afraid of bugs getting in my hair lol.

My unlikely favorite place I like to meditate

One of the best places to meditate was on a NJ transit bus to New York. Especially in the mornings where there is no noise. Trust me if you do talk on the bus at 630am with a bunch of half-asleep people they will let you know. Just make sure you are aware when your bus stop is if you are meditating (Thankfully this has never happened to me!) You don’t have to worry if you don’t like meditating in public because people will think that you are sleeping anyways. The transit bus is a good mediation spot because it is quite and you are forced to sit there for the duration of the trip.

Coming back was even better because it was dark and everyone is trying to wind down from a longs day of work. Surprisingly evening commuters also don’t like it when people talk either. So the bus is typically quite and with the added benefit of being dark, perfect for meditation. It might sound funny but I reached my deepest and most fulfilling meditation in the bus when I was a commuter. I could never recreate that experience I might attribute this to the fact that I practiced 10 days per week when I was commuting. ( 1 time commuting to NYC and 1 time commuting to NJ per day). Even when I do take the bus occasionally I could never experience a meditation session like that again. Not sure how it’s in different cites, let me know.

Where is your favorite place to meditate?

Share what your favorite meditation spot is. Remember there is not perfect spot for mediation, you can practice it almost anywhere. All you need is to just sit with your thoughts and you will be taken deeper into yourself. You might find certain places help you reach a meditative state faster. Be perceptive and take a note of those special places. Try to meditate in places that you might not think about like in nature or even on the bus!