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Meditations to Make This New Year the Best

Meditate in the New Year

Meditations to Make This New Year the Best

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The New Year brings us the opportunity to start fresh and embark on new experiences in life. It is also a time to reflect on our past year. Meditation is a great way to let go of any experience that we feel is not aiding us in our journey. It will help us clear out any unwanted emotions and feelings that are burdening us. This will give you the opportunity to start fresh and be open to new experiences that the New Year has to offer.

We all keep grudges and emotions pent up inside of us. Today I will show you some techniques that you can help you remove unwanted grudges so you focus on the present.  It is common for us to hold grudges and keep our emotions bottled up when someone hurts us. We view the world in what negative things people have done against us. We do not want to carry any of this negativity into the New Year.

Become more present – When we do not let go of the past we tend to live in the present. Our minds are pulling us back into the past and we cannot enjoy what is right here in the present moment. By practicing ways to let go of unwanted emotions and thoughts you will be able to create space so that you can focus on the here and now.  Each time you feel yourself being pulled back by a negative thought try to witness that and regain your focus on the present moment.

Meditation for letting go.

  1. Sit comfortably and start to relax your body. Let your thoughts run free and unhindered
  2. If you come across a thought that you would like to let go and not affect you anymore hold onto it and keep it in your mind.
  3. View this though as an object in your mind and start to find where did this thought stem from. Try and find its source and root.
  4. Explore and unravel all of the emotions and thoughts that are generated when you are trying to find the source
  5. Next if you have found the source or even if you haven’t put all the thoughts into an imaginary box in your mind
  6. With all your force breathe out deeply and imagine the box with all the negative thoughts escaping your body. Continue doing this until you feel that you have let go all of these thoughts.
  7. Relax your body and feel how you feel lighter as though a big weight has lifted off your shoulders.

Helps you identify new opportunities– A major advantage of being able to easily let go of hindering thoughts and emotions is that it will help you be more open to find new opportunities in life. You will be fully aware and optimistic about the things that are presently happening.  When we are bogged down by thoughts from the past we are less inclined to see the tremendous potential around us. This hinders are ability to act rapidly and we then will miss our opportunity. If you want to be more successful in life you need to be able to quickly identify opportunities and act on them as fast as possible.

Renew lost relationships– Letting go helps us forgive the past and forgive the person who hurt us in the first place. Once we let go we come to an understanding on why we felt this way and how the person created this in our life. Once you are in control of your emotions and how they affect you it gives you the power to forgive the person and start a new relationship with them.  Sometimes what they did was a misunderstanding other times it was legitimate whatever the case it is important to always keep contacts that you find beneficial in life.

So enjoy your New Year’s celebration and start the year with a fresh and outlook on life.