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How Meditation Can Help You Use Anxiety To Your Advantage

Anxiety can be a blessing

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Zenpra 19th December 2014 0 Comments

How meditation can lower anxiety

Anxiety is a natural human emotion and affects all of us. Meditating on your anxiety can actually help you understand your body and emotions in order to use it to your advantage. Being anxious has dramatic health implications and can cause unnecessary stress in our lives. Even worse it can paralyze us mentally and prevent us from acting on opportunities because we are too fearful and anxious of what might happen. If you are experiencing daily anxiety meditation can be helpful remedy. Meditation has helped me to be less fearful of the future and be more relaxed in high pressure situations.  I would like to share what I learned and I hope it helps you feel more at ease and relaxed.

Meditation is a great way to lower anxiety levels so we can appreciate the present moment better.  Instead we have a common mindset of being fearful of the future and remorseful of the past. The key to lowering our anxiety is to focus our attention on the present moment and what is actually happening to us now.  By bringing ourselves back into the present we are not creating imaginary problems that we think might happen in the future.  Once you realize that your anxiousness is just a creation of your mind you will understand they are not real and you can be in control of your emotions.

How to use anxiety to our advantage.

Anxiety is meant to spur action in us. If we are fearful of the future then we expend all our energy trying to fix an issue that hasn’t happened yet. If we spend some time to reflect on why we are fearful of the future then we can take more mindful steps to control our emotions and how we react to situations. We can use the energy, nervousness, and vigor which stems from our anxiety to do something constructive with it. When we are anxious our mind and energy are disorganized everywhere. If there are a million tasks we need to do we become flustered and nothing gets done. Have you ever noticed that when you have so much on your plate to do you jump from one task to another but at the end of the day nothing gets done? In order to help resolve this we have to focus our attention and energy on one relevant task at a time. It is important to focus on the issues that are present right now and not worry about our own imaginary ones we have created in our minds.

Meditation steps to lower anxiety

  1. When you start to feel anxious try and focus your attention on something that is happening right now.
  2. Witness how your mind might be trying to shift its attention to something that you are anxious about. Let your mind move where it wants to go do not force yourself to focus.
  3. Reflect on what is really causing your anxiety. Try taking a step back from the situation and observe yourself to determine what is making you fearful of the future.
  4. Once you catch a glimpse of what might be causing your anxiety, determine something that you can do right now so that you will not feel anxious. This can help you focus your anxious energy into doing something constructive.
  5. Be accepting of the present moment as it is. Think to yourself that no matter how much you think and worry it will not change the future. The only thing that can change the future is by you taking action right now in a calm and collective way. Now with your new insights you will be motivated to take proactive actions right now in the present.