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How to Sink Into Yourself

Fall into yourself

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Zenpra 30th June 2015 0 Comments

Sinking In Deep Within  Yourself

I  often stay in my head when I am at work, I almost  forget that I am  attached to my body.  When our heads are always in the clouds we are not rooted into ourselves and one small incident can push us into disharmony. For example if someone driving cuts you off it can ruin your whole day because your mind is swayed in anger. By centering and sinking within yourself you can regain your sense of calmness and clarity.

Sinking deep within ourselves means that we are going deeper into our emotions and we get a better sense of who we really are. I will show you how you can get your head out of the clouds and start sinking into yourself so you can relax and be more level headed.

Simple Meditation to Center Yourself

I love who ever created to word rooted. It is such a perfect word for what it represents. I just imagine strong roots burrowing deep into the soil. Sinking deep into yourself means to dive into the core of who you really are as a person. Just like the roots, it helps us to anchor ourselves so we have a sturdy foundation to handle whatever life throws at us. However, it can be hard to go into the depths of our own being, we are sometimes afraid to face our true selves. We need the time and permission to actually be with ourselves as we truly are and not as we think or wish we are. Here is an easy meditation to find your core and better center yourself.

  1. Sit comfortably and place your hands on your stomach
  2. Witness your breath and feel your belly rise each time you inhale.
  3. After a few breath cycles you will become more relaxed. Let your mind and body drop towards your core where your hands are placed. (you should feel a sinking feeling)
  4. Bring your attention to your navel region. Imagine your mind and consciousness operating out of your core and not your head.
  5. Feel the energy build up within your core. Let that energy permeate though your whole body allowing you to relax.


During this meditation it is a great time to contemplate about yourself, your values, and what you want to achieve in this life. It is hard to come to grips about what we have done in the past and how it has compromised our values. We also might feel lost and not really know who we really are. These are all initial hardships that we will face when we stare ourselves directly into the depths of our soul. After just being with yourself you will come out as a more whole and centered person.

Stay Rooted Wherever You Are

In sports and martial arts it is important to have a strong core and center. Your core helps you to stay balanced while also generating power. I noticed that when I focused on improving my core and getting it stronger I was able to lift more and become overall more athletic. Something else changed to and it was more surprising than just getting stronger. My mood and confidence increased substantially. I felt more centered and whole with myself like I was more in control of my life. I believe it is because I have a stronger connection between my lower and upper body. I feel more structurally stable and that surprisingly made me feel more confident and sure of myself. Our core is the foundation of our body if we have a weak core it can cause us to become off balanced physically and mentally.

There is some science behind it too. This video demonstrates that people’s posture actually affects their mood and personality. By improving your center and sinking deep within your core you can change your physical appearance ( hoping for 6 pack abs!) and outlook on life.


Think More Clearly

I hate it when I make rash decisions and end up having to face the consequences. When you practice sinking deep within yourself you have a better understanding of what you want in life and your values. We all admire people who know what they want in life. What makes them seem like they found the answer to life and we are still searching to know what our favorite cereal is? I can say that I do not fully know what I want in life but I am slowly getting there. The only way we can really know is by asking ourselves and feeling with our whole body what the answer is. When we make decisions we sometimes act mechanical and not even think about the underlying implications and impact they might have.  Being rooted helps you to make level headed decisions.

I have noticed that centering helps during negotiations. Negotations is all about getting what you want. How can we negotiate if we don’t truly know what we want from ourselves or in business? When you are trying negotiate during a sale your emotions can get involved and that can leave you losing a lot of money. However, if you have hard lines that you won’t cross then you won’t make (that many) regretful decisions. By knowing fully what you want from the deal and what things you will not compromise with you will be feeling very satisfied after the sale.

Calm Down Relax Into Yourself

Contemplating and finding yourself is important but can be very stressful. You can also use sinking into yourself as a way of relaxing from a busy mind racing day. This works well when you are about to fall asleep. This meditation helps you get ready to be all cozy and relaxed for bed.

  1. Lay on your bed with your hands on your stomach.
  2. Feel as though you are softly relaxing and sinking into your bed.
  3. Imagine all the stress and negative slowly drift away.
  4. Relax and feel as your bed as a safe and welcoming space where you can fall into yourself.

I imagine a very comfortable and homey place where I feel safe and where I can let go of any of my problems. It is great to get you into a more parasympathetic state before you go to sleep so you don’t let the stress of your day hamper with your sleep.

So take the plunge into the depths of your own being. Don’t be afraid of what you will find just go into it non-judgmentally. Just observe yourself the way you are, you might learning something amazing about yourself.