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Beginner Meditation

All it takes is one step

Meditation for Beginners 3 simple techniques


Beginning your journey into meditation is like reading a good book that never ends. You will explore the depths of your being and find immense relaxation. To help you get started just see the multitude of benefits that meditation can provide you.  I started because I read about all the benefits that meditation offers and I wanted to see for myself. I was really skeptical that by just sitting down for 10-20min your life can change so dramatically.

The best part is there is no wrong way to meditate, just try as many meditation techniques you want to and find what works and what doesn’t. If it doesn’t work just don’t do it. When you find one that clicks with you, it will feel right and comfortable. Spend a couple weeks doing that technique so that you can dive deeper into the practice. You can see my compounding method here on why should keep a daily practice to reap the most benefits.

  1. The oldest trick in the book- Observing your breath. This meditation technique is as simple as it gets. All you have to do is find a comfortable place to sit and just breathe normally. First observe your inhalation and exhalation. During each inhalation focus on the air touching your nostrils and observe the breathing flowing down as your lungs expand. During exhalation witness how the air from your lungs travel up your body and out your nose. The key is to focus on just breathing normally no fancy stuff is needed. By observing the natural rhythm of your breath you will fall into meditation as you relax your breathing.

  2. Body scan meditation- The body scan is a perfect method to remove tension from your body and get in touch with your whole body. Again you can sit or lay down on the floor to perform a body scan. Start from your toes and just focus your attention on that specific body part for as long as you like. When you are ready move up your body to the next body part. You can tense that body part and release it. This helps greatly to remove tension in the depths of your body. Go through every body part to get in touch with body parts you barely pay attention to. I never think about my calves during the day! After you have went through your whole body just let your body sit still and witness how your body feels relaxed and the tension removed.

  3. Walking meditation– If you are having a hard time sitting still for 10-20 minutes walking meditation may be right for you. Find an open space in your house or outside. Stand tall and slowly walk in any direction. As you move your foot forward witness how your weight shifts to your supporting leg. Then slowly place the heel of your foot on the ground followed by the ball. Be focused on how the ground is supporting you, the pressure on your feet and the shift of your weight. Slowly walk around while be immersed in the process and be mindful of each step.


Remember there is no right or wrong way to meditate you can bend the rules as much as you want to find what works. Have you ever heard of laughing meditation? Yeah it might look crazy but if it works for whoever is doing it more power to them. If it helps you to relax and get into deep meditation then continue doing it. The real beauty of meditation is exploring yourself to find out what you like and what your body needs. These are just 3 simple meditations for beginners I will be diving into many more techniques in my future posts.